Care Transitions Made Easy helps seniors and caregivers choose facilities based on
individual preferences and book tours in real time, anytime.
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Solutions To Improving Quality
& Accessibility of Care
Unique assessment algorithm to find the right Housing Type
Search Senior Facilities Based On Individualized Preferences
Community Resource Platform
Screening Tool To Assess Care Needs
E-Notify Hospital Tool
Data Analytic Platform
Improve care & Quality of Life
SeniorHabitat allows users to search for a senior facility based on their Individualized preferences.
Unlike other housing website, seniors and caregivers can choose a senior facility from a list of 13 categories and 148 items.
Understand Housing Options
in Less Time
SeniorHabitat’s Housing Assessment helps seniors and caregivers to quickly determine
which type of senior housing best meets their needs.
  • 1
    Needs rehabilitation due to an injury, disability, or illness.
  • 2
    Have a terminal illness (which is defined as having a prognosis of 6 months or less if the disease or illness runs its normal course) and choose no extreme measures to maintain life
  • 3
    Have a terminal illness and choose palliative care that focuses on symptoms management rather than curative treatment
Data Analytics to Anticipate
Service Gaps
SeniorHabitat provides an analytic platform that tracks caregivers and seniors demographics and individualized preferences. Trends in the community will help senior facilities to anticipate the common needs and service gaps in their community. When needs are met in the community, it will reduce the number of hospital readmissions.
Screening Tool to Improve Customer Satisfaction
SeniorHabitat's registration form enables users to share information about the potential resident's needs prior to their appointments. This screening process eliminates stressed seniors and caregivers from visiting a "home" that isn't appropriate for them.
eNotify Tool to Expedite Hospital Discharges
SeniorHabitat’s eNotify tool allows caregivers and seniors to easily notify the hospital discharge planner of their senior facility selection. When this happens, it would help expedite hospital discharges and save healthcare costs.