About Us

SeniorHabitat is the first centralized, real-time tour booking, and information website to simplify senior facility choices while improving care transitions and decreasing time, costs, hospital readmissions rates.

  • Care Coordination (Collaborative care solutions that reflect the continuum of information on a patient and that support team-based care)
  • Patient Engagement (Personal health management solutions, facilitating better healthcare decisions and improving care management communications)
  • Workflow Management (Improving provider healthcare workflow processing and throughput)

SeniorHabitat allows seniors, caregivers, and care providers to identify appropriate senior facilities, schedule tours and notify hospital discharge planners when a senior facility is selected. In addition, we provide community resources that provide seniors with the needed support to remain in the community. We expedite the discharge process and more importantly, leads to happier and healthier seniors who are now less likely to be readmitted to the hospital since their chosen facility best supports their care needs.